Waltham Mills Open Studios is largely a volunteer-run event lead by a core staff, below, to keep this wonderful event running and growing.

Need to get in touch with us? Email us any time at wmaaopenstudios@gmail.com.

Alanna Nelson

Alanna is passionate about opening doors to encourage conversation, inspiration and collaboration. A fiber artist based in Melrose, she’s thrilled to be the Coordinator for Waltham Mills Open Studios in 2019. A marketer who loves to connect people and places, Alanna’s prior experience includes helping launch Melrose Open Studios, as well as organizing the events and curating the Melrose History Quilt Project.

Assistant Coordinator
Wendy Wolf

Wendy Wolf creates obsessive repetitive artwork inspired by language and leaves. She has been our Waltham Mills Open Studios Coordinator in prior years, and WMOS designer since 2014. She currently lives in Newton, MA and loves creating in her studio at Waltham Mills. Wendy works in many media, including: installation art, graffiti, public art works, painting, works on paper, and jewelry.

Graphics Coordinator
Andrea Tishman

Andrea Tishman has been a Boston-area artist for over 25 years, and has happily been making art in her studio at Waltham Mills for the last 10 years. She works primarily in oil on wood and canvas, pastel and charcoal on sanded paper, and lately, linocut prints on paper. Some of her recent work features trees she observes, from the uniform groves of vertical evergreens to the twisted, muscular branches of gnarly, old beech trees, Andrea tries to capture the stillness, and exultance of the woods, despite its fragile relationship with people.

Marketing Coordinator
Maria Photinakis

Maria Photinakis is a painter and cartoonist exploring narratives about resilience, alienation, self-discovery, and immigrant experiences. Her B.A. and professional background is in journalism, and she brings her storytelling flair to her painted and drawn narratives. She is currently developing a graphic novel about generational trauma and her family’s experiences in the Greek civil war. Maria lives and creates art out of her home studio in Waltham, MA.