William Vanaria

Media: Jewelry
Email Address: WMVanaria@gmail.com
Studio Location: Metalwerx, at Lincoln Studios for Open Studios 2018

I have a fascination with materials and the associations that they bring with them. In my work, I often combine, compare, and contrast various non-jewelry materials—all while presenting them within the framework of traditional metalsmithing. Looking to history for inspiration, I incorporate recognizable motifs within my work to create objects which are both familiar and uncanny. Through this work, I am interested in creating a dialogue about the state of our consumer culture, and the ubiquitous hierarchy of materials.

William received his Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and his Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Massachusetts: Dartmouth. He is an instructor at various art institutions, including the Metalwerx School of Jewelry.