Stacey Piwinski

Media: Fiber Arts, Painting
Email Address:
Studio Location: Building 18

Stacey Piwinski is a interdisciplinary artist who speaks to painterly concerns using textiles and found materials to create intricate weavings that consider the passage of time, the tactility of the material, and interpersonal relationships. Through material and personal explorations of memory, she weaves together meaning to tell new stories.

Stacey Piwinski was born in Lawrence, MA in 1976. She received her BFA in painting in 1999, her MFA in studio teaching in 2000 from Boston University and her MFA in visual arts from Lesley University in January 2014. Stacey participated in the Japan Fulbright Memorial Teaching Program in 2005 and was inspired by Japanese textiles, specifically Saori Weaving. She has facilitated community weaving projects at schools, art residencies, in public spaces, and in museums. Weaving as a metaphor for bringing people together is a thread that runs through her work.