Sophia C Mone

Media: Painting, Works on Paper
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Studio Location: Building 4, 3rd Floor, Studio #8

I am a printmaker and I paint with both oils and acrylics on canvas and paper.

My creative process begins with the mixing of color. It is the key to my process.

Imagery comes next. It is sometimes suggested by my color choices, sometimes not.

The curved line is the major element in my art. My go-to image has been the abstracted torso.

Its “Oscar-like” shape is compatible with a myriad of textured surfaces. I have liked twisting, turning and dismembering it.

When I lay the torso on its side, it has suggested landscapes, seascapes, horizon lines – so many possibilities.

Spending time in Florida last winter opened the world of acrylic paints and their mediums to me.

It was exciting to transform this plastic medium into textured reliefs.

Mixing colors, pouring paints, building up surfaces, and creating textures was exciting.

More recently I have been intrigued with arial perspectives.

Some colorful abstractions are evolving.

The creative process is always a challenge.

It is exciting to discover new materials and new ideas.

This is an adventurous journey that I am on, and I love that color is a key player.

Sophia C Mone