Sharon Stafford Metals

Media: Jewelry, Sculpture
Studio Location: Metalwerx, at Lincoln Studios for Open Studios 2018

It’s all about texture for Sharon Stafford in her metal, wire weaving and wire crochet work – visual and tactile textures. The feel of metal always draws her in, whether wire, sheet, smooth, textured, hammered, or woven. And the visual pull of woven metal never ends – she has to get in closer, understand it, and of course, touch it. Most of Sharon’s work incorporates weaving, crocheting, foldforming, and/or hammering. Current explorations include studying how her fascination with forms and details in nature impact her art.

Recent shows and recognition include:  “Members in Print 2018”, by the National Basketry Organization; “2018 Biennial Members Exhibition”, Fuller Craft Museum;  “From Minimal to Bling 2017”, a studio jeweler exhibition at the Society of Arts+Crafts, Boston;  “All Things Considered 9: Basketry in the 21st Century”, a National Basketry Organization exhibit;  2017 Niche Award Winner, Basketry;  Juror’s Choice, 2016 Lewton-Brain Foldform Competition