Sallie Strand

Media: Painting, Works on Paper
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Studio Location: Lincoln Studios #303
Sallie Strand began her career first as a party chef, and later as a dietitian. With an artist father and an interior decorator mother, Sallie was infused with art and color from an early age. Though mostly self taught, Sallie has studied with several professional artists, through Master classes and workshops.
Not surprisingly, Sallie finds many similarities between baking and painting and often uses many of those utensils to create textures through layering, mark making, and scraping.

 The painting process can often elicit a myriad of emotions that are translated through gesture, texture, patterns and color – some will be revealed and some will be veiled. I like to work on several paintings at once easily shifting from one to another, much like conversations with friends easily switching topics, going off on tangents, creating new ideas and generating inspiration.

I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.
— Albert Einstein