Liza Bingham

Media: Painting
Email Address:
Studio Location: Building 4, 3rd Floor, Studio 20

This latest body of work was initiated as a series of compositional studies using acrylic paint on unprimed cotton. However, the studies quickly became about process and the particular qualities of these materials.  The absorbent, unprimed cotton ground allows for a sort of fluid, meandering mark-making, where the paint imbeds within the cotton creating a sort of fused surface-paint within fabric- that forwards my ongoing interest in painting- as- object, or hybrid painting-sculpture.

LIZA BINGHAM currently has work in  Dot Conference at Room 83 Spring in Watertown, MA, curated by Kirstin Lamb. This is the second iteration of the show, the first was at the Yard, Williamsburg, NY this past summer, 2019.

Other shows have included a 2016 solo exhibit at How’s Howard?, Boston, MA, and group shows at Fireplace Project, East Hampton, NY and Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown, MA, to name a few.

Bingham has received two grants, one from the Mass Cultural Council and another from the Berkshire Taconic Foundation. She earned her M.F.A. from MassArt and her B.F.A. from Cornell.

Bingham occasionally contributes reviews to Big Red & Shiny.