Lisa Olson

Media: Mixed Media
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Studio Location: Lincoln Studios

If asked to find a unifying theme among the disparate conceptual paths that I follow, an idea of navigating danger would be one answer. We are tender and fragile and look for safety and armor. What are the ways we negotiate the world? Memory and history, psychology, natural sciences, mathematics and physical sciences, fairy tales and myths are all tools and systems.

Another answer is more abstract. In an essay on the qualities that literature might possess, Italo Calvino writes about “the poetry of the invisible, of infinite unexpected possibilities—even the poetry of nothingness.” In an essay about the poetry of post-war Poland, Czeslaw Milosz writes “there is a search for a line beyond which only a zone of silence exists.” These are things I would aspire to capture—a delicate edge, a thing almost invisible, almost intangible, and heartbreakingly tenuous.