Karen Walter

Media: Works on Paper
Email Address: karenwalterart@gmail.com
Studio Location: Building 4, 3rd Floor

Folded Drawing Series

I’m intrigued by tidelines, a line of colorant deposited at the wet-dry boundary of a piece of paper. The context is normally in my work in paper conservation where an object has been stained as the result of a water incident. In such cases, the staining is considered a negative but, in itself, can actually be quite beautiful.

With the Folded Paper Series, ink and water on Japanese paper are used to create such stains and tidelines which, in turn, provide the framework on which each piece is constructed. Ink is applied without regard to image. Rather, the emphasis is on the characteristics of the inks, the application techniques, and the sequencing of the layers. The paper is folded to take advantage of as many tidelines, tones, and textures as possible. Drawing on top with colored pencils begins with small, subtle changes to the image. By just slightly lightening and darkening edges and tones the structure of the forms become more apparent which then allows for larger mark making and, finally, the emergence of the overall image.

Tidelines, created by the interplay of ink, water, and Japanese paper, form both the building block and the subject matter of the Folded Drawing Series.

folded drawing #1, 2019

folded drawing #2, 2019

folded drawing #3, 2019