Jaine Hayward

Media: Photography
Email Address: jainehayward@yahoo.com
Studio Location: Building 18
Photography for me has become an obsessive process of discovery. Over the past five years, I have been exploring, over and over, the surrounding neighborhood and landscape within walking distance of my home in Waltham, Massachusetts. My neighborhood is nice, but not terribly remarkable—suburban houses and apartments both old and new; woods, trails and ponds, but not of the destination variety. I note the obvious changes that occur with the seasons, of course, but repeated visits have me noticing the details and the special moments when the natural forces conspire to elevate the mundane. I have become a seeker of nature’s “15 minutes of fame.” Each walk I take reveals something new, something ephemeral, something that will never quite repeat itself. And I have begun to feel a sense of urgency and responsibility to find and document the sublime, the curious, the wondrous, that I know exists out there at any given moment, just waiting to be found.