Emily Glimp

Media: Jewelry
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Studio Location: Metalwerx, at Lincoln Studios

The real inspiration for my work comes from the materials themselves, and the fabrication process that transforms the material into a piece of jewelry. This year I’m entranced by the many “faces” that silver presents during the forming/fabricating process, and how a design is suggested by the metal itself in the unique way the light is reflected back, whether from a textured sample or a surface curve, or from the different results produced when a single process is applied to varied materials, for instance sterling silver as opposed to fine silver or argentium, or as compared to copper or brass. Ultimately, Metal invites you into an intimate relationship, challenging the artist to respect the characteristics and limits of the material, and yet to explore and push the boundaries of those capabilities. It’s a relationship that demands long hours, tireless patience, and a general bending of the knee…. but offers in return an amazing object of extreme beauty and durability, revealed unexpectedly somewhere within the process. The jewelry designs “instructed” by the metal in this way always  intrigue me more than anything I might  imagine while working with simply a paper and pencil outside of the process. There is no question in my mind that however great is the pleasure in owning and wearing a striking piece of jewelry, it is always far eclipsed by the pleasure it’s maker enjoyed in producing it.