Emily Brodrick

Media: Fiber Arts, Installation, Works on Paper
Email Address: emilycbrodrick@gmail.com
Studio Location: Building 4, 4th Floor

Using what are considered craft mediums, such as crochet, knitting, cut-paper and ceramics, I create sculptures and installations reminiscent of living organisms and environments wildly distorted in size, shape and color. I think of my work not just as a series of pieces, but a living world of interrelated species and with them, I aim to question our stereotypical notions of what we consider craft vs. art. I am interested – almost obsessively – with repetitive, intricate, tedious detail and I create or cover my works with all-encompassing patterns. Our culture has classist notions of what is considered high vs. low art but I use the accessibility of crafts – its beauty, tactileness, color and decoration – to create work that can allow viewers to approach, be curious about, sometimes even play with and hopefully ask themselves what is craft and what is art?

Crocheted and knitted natural and synthetic yarns, 180" x 96" (approx.), 2016.

Cut paper, acrylic paint and glue, 36" x 20", 2018.

Cut paper, acrylic paint, glue and crocheted hand-spun yarn, 30" x 5" x 36" (approx.), 2018.