Christopher Abrams

Studio Location: Moody Station Studios

Drawing on his background as a builder of architectural and scale models, Abrams pairs scenes and narratives with titles that highlight the discord between American self-mythologizing and the realities of the current state of public life. His latest exhibit, “Lie of the Land”, questions how we conceive our national identity through grand motto, song, and poem, even as our actions belie an abandonment of the bedrock values on which the American democratic system was founded. Though he works in the same material language as his late, model-train-collecting grandfather and dollhouse-obsessed grandmother, Abrams nevertheless abandons and subverts the nostalgia and conservatism that attend these pursuits in favor of pointed civic critique.

State of the Union, 2019. Assorted model kit and landscape materials. 9"HX13"X13"

Huddled Masses (Back is Best), 2019. Brass, model landscape materials.

This Land Was Made for You and Me, 2019. Model materials.