Barbara Zeles

Media: Drawing, Sculpture
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Studio Location: Building 4, 2nd Floor

The body has always been central to my work. Not so much thinking about the body as living in a body. Experiencing its muscle, bone, flesh, movement, circulation, engagement, pain, loss, fear, joy, growth, sounds, touching, separating, circling, vibrations, nervous system, health, illness, injury, atrophy.

In the work with multiples, I am considering the physiology of the body as well as the relationship between bodies. The round form implies a cell as well as a head, each form embracing activity with the potential of interaction. Folds of metal strike out against gravity.

This is the work of a middle aged woman, post divorce. Clear Cranium embodies that loss. Its existence speaks to regeneration, but its meditation is of grieving. Flirtation embraces history, age, and decay, and yet sets out to entice the world.


8/12/04 #10


Clear Cranium