Agx Film Collective

Media: Film/Video
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Studio Location: 144 Moody St, Building 18, 2nd floor

AgX is an artist-run film lab and collective for moving image artists in the Boston area. AgX cultivates and supports a unique, diverse community of filmmakers, photographers and interdisciplinary artists—both novice and experienced—who create, teach and inspire by sharing resources, equipment, camaraderie and knowledge with a focus on the making and appreciation of photochemical films.

Our physical space provides a comfortable communal area where members engage in shooting film, processing, contact printing, optical printing, animation, editing, screenings and dialogue, as well as an endless variety of events and experiments.

During Open Studios there will be SCREENINGS of AgX members’ work, an expanded cinema INSTALLATION, a DEMONSTRATION of filmmaking technique, a kid-friendly ANIMATION workshop, and an EXHIBITION of vintage movie machines in our space in Building 18 on the second floor.

Come by and see what AgX has to offer!


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