Artist Spotlight: Monique Rancourt

Monique Rancourt's handmade artisan jewelry

If you’ve ever walked along Moody Street, you’ve undoubtedly seen Monique Rancourt’s Artisan Gallery — its distinctive storefront with an incredible variety of handmade artisan wares of all kinds within.

What many visitors don’t realize is that Monique’s space is also her workspace, where she makes all of her powerful and distinctive creations that you also see on sale in the front of the gallery.

When you walk along Moody Street for Waltham Open Studios and pop in to Monique’s store to say hello, take advantage of it being Open Studios weekend — don’t miss a tour of her fascinating working space. After all, this is where she makes the incredible work, and that’s where the magic really happens.

Inside Monique Rancourt’s jewelry studio
The various tools of the trade for jewelry creation, on the bench in Monique Rancourt’s jewelry studio