Artist Spotlight: Todd Cahill of Steamachine Sculpture

Art that moves, art that awes and delights. It’s kinetic, mechanical, steam-powered, detailed, fantastical — the meticulous drawings and moving sculptures by Todd Cahill of Steamachine Sculpture are always fascinating.

Come see Todd’s work for yourself when you tour Waltham Mills Building 18 during Waltham Mills Open Studios.

Artist Spotlight: Sharon Stafford

Artist Sharon Stafford creates sculptural jewelry and vessels. She builds her meticulous wire pieces using a variety of traditional basketry techniques, working traditional methods with contemporary themes and materials.

Find her with the Metalwerx group in Lincoln Studios during Waltham Mills Open Studios 2019.

Don’t miss Metalwerx jewelers at Open Studios

Many of the fine jewelers of the Waltham-based Metalwerx jewelry studio, school, and workshop will be sharing their latest work at Lincoln Studios during Waltham Mills Open Studios.

Join the many talented fine jewelers of Metalwerx as they share their latest work, talk about their processes, and answer questions — it is Open Studios, after all! And as with many of our participating Open Studios artists, much of what the Metalwerx artists will have on display is available for purchase. 

Lincoln Studios is home to a number of talented fine artists here in Waltham, and they open their doors for Open Studios year after year. We’re immensely grateful that they also generously host the Metalwerx fine jewelers in their shared space so we can bring more work by Waltham-based artists to Open Studios in a central and convenient location on Moody Street.

Don’t miss the wonderful artists at Lincoln Studios during Waltham Mills Open Studios!

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Bring the kids to Open Studios!

Waltham Mills Open Studios is always the first full weekend in November, which usually means it’s the first weekend right after Halloween. The kids are restless after all that excitement, so if you need a fun, free weekend activity to burn off all that energy, well, parents, we at Waltham Mills Open Studios want you to hear it from us: Yes, bring your kids!

Open Studios means you’re visiting real art workspaces, which means there’s going to be a lot of fascinating and unusual tools and materials in these workspaces, as well as finished artwork as well as works-in-progress. Kids won’t be seeing art in a sterile, museum setting, but in personal working art spaces where creativity is happening all the time. Behind every studio door there’s a different experience.

Artists are happy to answer questions and demonstrate what their tools are, how they work, and why they use those tools to make their artwork— so this is a great opportunity for kids to get curious about how art is made, and to ask lots and lots of questions. We encourage it!

“Look but don’t touch” is a good rule of thumb when visiting a studio space, as artwork and materials may be fragile. You can always ask the artist you’re visiting if there’s something you’d like to see more closely or if you want to know how something works. In some cases the artist may be happy for you to play with, feel, or pick up something, but again, be sure to ask first.

In addition to visiting working artist studios, there are plenty of other kid-friendly activities happening throughout Open Studio weekend, including:

Workshops, performances, and demonstrations

We always have a number of artist demonstrations, performances, and workshops happening throughout Open Studios weekend, and the schedule will be posted here on our website as well as in the Open Studios booklet. Not all the demonstrations or workshops might be of interest to kids, but many of them are, so take a look at the schedule to see what might be a good fit for your little ones.

Find Micron, the Art Cat!

Micron, the Art Cat!

A scavenger hunt for kids to find Micron as he hides in different places within the Open Studios buildings. There’s a Micron booklet with hints about where he is hiding, and if you discover his hiding spot you get a sticker!

This is the 2018 scavenger hunt for Micron. It’s going to be different for 2019, so don’t try to get a head start!

Live music

We’ll have live music from a variety of musicians all weekend, so if the kids are feeling antsy, they can burn off some steam by dancing and bopping to great live music!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all, big and small, at Waltham Mills Open Studios 2019.

Introducing the 2019 staff

As we kick our planning and coordinating into high gear in these weeks before our big event, we thought we’d take a moment to say hello and introduce ourselves. We are:

  • Coordinator: Alanna Nelson
  • Assistant Coordinator: Wendy Wolf
  • Graphics Coordinator: Andrea Tishman
  • Marketing Coordinator: Maria Photinakis

It’s our pleasure and privilege to work with so many people — from our incredible board and planning groups, artists and volunteers to our sponsors and partners — to bring this event together every year.

We’ve been working hard for several months now to make 2019 our best year ever, and we still do have lots of work ahead of us. But we hope you’ll join us on November 2 and 3 to see what we’ve been working towards all these months, and share with us your experiences and feedback so we can continue to make this a can’t-miss event, year after year.

Artist Spotlight: Monique Rancourt

Monique Rancourt's handmade artisan jewelry

If you’ve ever walked along Moody Street, you’ve undoubtedly seen Monique Rancourt’s Artisan Gallery — its distinctive storefront with an incredible variety of handmade artisan wares of all kinds within.

What many visitors don’t realize is that Monique’s space is also her workspace, where she makes all of her powerful and distinctive creations that you also see on sale in the front of the gallery.

When you walk along Moody Street for Waltham Open Studios and pop in to Monique’s store to say hello, take advantage of it being Open Studios weekend — don’t miss a tour of her fascinating working space. After all, this is where she makes the incredible work, and that’s where the magic really happens.

Inside Monique Rancourt’s jewelry studio
The various tools of the trade for jewelry creation, on the bench in Monique Rancourt’s jewelry studio

Call for musicians to perform during Waltham Mills Open Studios

We’re looking for musicians of all types and backgrounds to bestow our event with even more energy and interest with live music during Waltham Mills Open Studios 2019, November 2 & 3. And yes, this is a paid opportunity.

If you are a musician or a musical group interested in playing an approximately hour-long set during our weekend event, we’d love to hear from you.

Please email us directly at wmaaopenstudios@gmail.com for more information and we’ll coordinate with you on how you can perform for the nearly two thousand visitors we’ll see during Waltham Mills Open Studios 2019 — and thank you!

Volunteers wanted for Waltham Mills Open Studios 2019

We’re in high gear behind the scenes putting all the details into place for this year’s Waltham Mills Open Studios. But we couldn’t make this event a success without our wonderful and amazing volunteers!

Volunteers at Waltham Mills Open Studios help our visitors and participating artists both before the event and on Open Studios weekend, by doing things like:

  • Hanging up posters and distributing postcards before the event
  • Helping with day-of-event setup and post-event teardown tasks
  • Taking photos and videos of all the great moments happening during the event
  • Helping event visitors find their way to our Open Studios locations
  • Distributing materials during the event, like program booklets and maps

(Did we mention our volunteers are amazing?)

It’s fun and it’s a great way to learn more about our vibrant arts community here in Waltham, and we could always use your help. Want to be a volunteer? Fill out your email address in the form below, and we’ll be in touch with you soon — and thank you!