Betty Canick

Media: Mixed Media, Painting
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Studio Location: Building 4, 3rd Floor

I was born and raised in Boston and developed a love of drawing and painting as a child. I attended Rhode Island School of Design with a major in painting and graduated in 1973. In the years that followed I went on to study special education, psychology, and psychoanalysis and have worked for years as a psychotherapist. After many years away I returned to painting in 2005 and have again fallen in love with the act of creating, and with the power, depth and passion that painting can convey. I consider myself a psychologist and a painter and find similarities in clinical work and in painting. There is a kind of disciplined intuition and openness to surprise essential to both.

In my work I try to capture movement, gesture, and moments in transition. I am drawn to the indefinable and ephemeral, and like to try to create order out of chaos. I find myself resisting certainty and absolutes in visual work just as in my work as a psychotherapist. I have worked in multiple mediums including watercolor, mixed media, and oils creating both abstract works and landscapes of beloved places.